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Solar Modules

Designed for Optimal Use in Residential, Commercial & Utility Scale Installations

Polycrystalline: 335Wp | Mono Perc: up to 400Wp

DCR : 335Wp | MonoPerc Halfcut: 535Wp

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Product Features :

  • High power module using Polycrystalline, Mono Perc Solar Cells with High Conversion Efficiency

  • High-Transmissivity, Tempered glass for enhanced stiffness and Impact resistance

  • Robust, Anodized Aluminum Frame for extended outdoor use

  • 10 years 90% Power output warranty; 15 years 80% Power output warranty

  • 100% Pre & Post lamination Electroluminescence inspection

  • IP 67/IP68 Rated junction Boxes

  • Positive Tolerance

  • PID and saltmist corrosion resistance